Saturday, 25 May 2013

BeL0vEd bAbY


Since i can't sleep yet i think want to post something.. That is about MY PRECIOUS BABY!!! 
i love him so much.. much and much.... Want to know who my baby really am?? 

TAAAARRRAAAAA (a bit childish, hahahhaa)

What a precious creatures created from Allah.... :)

Love him so much!!!! Not only me but my whole family!!! His name is Kenot... hahaha.. so funny right?? My sister give him that name because that time he was so "kenot" (small). Even can get into socks.. hahaha.. This June he already one year with us.. I still remember last year that he enter my house and want to eat.. Starting on that day my family preserve him..  He are so naughty and like to bite our hand, toes or moving thing.. He love to sleep at whatever place.. He has been sick for few months ago, and has placed in ward of pets clinic.. Doctor say he has liver and blood problem .. I know it sound very funny but only God know how we are feeling that time.. We pray that he will recover as soon as possible.. We feed him a medicine and take care the best possible.. Now alhamdulillah, thanks God.. He are fully recovered, because of him my father become someone love cat not like before, because of him my family become more happiness.. We always cheer up with his action.. He are my Baby.. <3 <3 <3

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