Saturday, 25 May 2013

Assalamualaikum.. Since too long I didnt post anything for my update.. First of all I want to apologize to my EEP lecturer Madam Idawati Bt Ibrahim because I take too long time to finished up my assignment.. Im so sorry.. :(  It doesnt means that I didnt care about this subject.. What kinds of subject it is are important to me..

                I want to story about my bestfriends as my assignment duty, I have many bestfriends but these two friends are very special friends to me that is Gaya Farizah Bt Mat Seman and Wan Aqila Awatif Bt Wan Abdul Ghani.. I has known they since i was semester 1 at polytehnic Seberang Perai, Penang.. I was same hostel and level room with Aqila while Gaya at others hostel.. Gaya are friends of Aqila since they at secondary school and I was introduced to Gaya by Aqila.. We started close after we hang out together at Jaya Jusco Penang, after that we become more closer and be bestfriends.. Even we are from different course that I in Accounting while they are in Logistic Course it doesn't means be our stambling block... We has shared our happiness, sadness, through out difficulty and pleasure time together.. I love they like as my siblings and I things they too... We also has live together at house rental at Penang until our last semester.. Now Aqila was further her studies same University with me but in Entrepreneurship Course while Gaya already working.. I hope our relationship will lasting forever.. Aminn..

                                                  With Gaya  @ Jaya Jusco, Penang 2012

                                                          With Aqila @ Lowyat, KL 2013

                                             We are TWINSS!!! @ Jaya Jusco, Penang 2012

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